Why Shawn Forth Homes?

At Shawn Forth Homes, a top home builder in Oklahoma City OK, we believe that home is much more than a physical place; it’s a feeling, a promise, a lifestyle. Most of all, it’s where the story of your life unfolds. That’s why when it comes to building your new home, our team doesn’t just think differently — we do things differently.

personalize your home

What: When you build with us, you get to personalize the details of your home, all the way from exterior colors and siding to interior features and finishes. Gone are the days of living under someone’s else’s roof (with someone else’s preferences). Say hello to unlimited freedom to choose what you want, where you want it.

Why: Your home is where you make your greatest memories, so why should anyone other than you choose what your home looks and feels like? At Shawn Forth Homes, you’re in charge — because we believe your home should reflect your heart and soul inside and out. Go ahead and make your dream home a reality.

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What: To “build” onto our exceptionally easy (and proven) process, we now use a homeowner portal called CoConstruct to make your experience that much more enjoyable. CoConstruct lets you track your home’s construction progress in real-time, and gives you detailed information on everything from finances to photos.
Why: Let’s face it, the “myth” that building a new home is stressful is hardly a myth… But we can’t stand the thought of our homeowners worrying while their one-of-a-kind Shawn Forth home is being built. That’s why we’ve worked to ensure that you don’t just get the best home, but the best service and experience too.


What: When you work with us, we work for you, which means that your design preferences always come first. Do you want granite or quartz countertops in your kitchen? How about wood floor tile? Our in-house design consultants always cater to your wants and needs, so your finished product is all about you.

Why: You know that “good things come in small packages,” but at Shawn Forth Homes, we say “the best things are found in the little details.” Our design consultants work closely with you to bring your vision to life, because that special warmth you feel when you walk in the door comes from all of the details that you choose with us.



What: Who says the friendship stops after you move in? At Shawn Forth Homes, we make sure that your brand new home is just what you’ve always wanted… long after we hand you the keys. For questions and concerns, we’re with you every step of the way.
Why: This is an easy one. We think of you as family, and we want nothing more than to make your days extraordinary. We would say that we “go the extra mile,” but that would imply that all of it feels like work to us. Trust us, it doesn’t. Guaranteeing your lifetime of happiness is an honor that we’re grateful for every day.

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