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September 17, 2022

Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

Autumn is approaching and that means much more than just pumpkin spice. If you’re purchasing one of our homes in Edmond OK, you also know that autumn means making the most of a longer period of fairly temperate weather and making the most of an outdoor fireplace. We now offer an outdoor fireplace as an upgrade to our floor plans, meaning you can have more than just a firepit. You can have a real, cozy fireplace in your covered back patio.

Edmond has the perfect kind of weather for an outside fireplace. Even now the evenings are starting to cool off a little, so you could start enjoying it now for the cozy atmosphere and still be using it through November and even potentially into December, especially during the day on weekends or time off during the holidays.

An outdoor fireplace creates a friendly, cozy atmosphere that makes it easy to sit around and chat with family and friends. It’s a great option for entertaining during the winter when people start to get a little cooped up inside and miss the outdoors. With a fireplace, you can still take the party outside. It’s a nice way to spend an evening and still connect with people. Your patio becomes an outdoor living room and the fireplace can be a focal point or simply a way to enjoy the outdoors for longer.

If you have kids, having an outdoor fireplace on your patio also gives them a chance to entertain their friends and let the parents relax indoors. The kids will appreciate having somewhere different to hang out and with the backyard right there, they’re likely to use the extra space to play games, dance, or just run around being silly, while still having somewhere to come back to to warm up again.

The addition of an outdoor fireplace also adds to the visual appeal of your back patio. Since it has the ability to become like a second living room, make sure you decorate your patio accordingly. Make sure you find comfortable furniture that also looks nice. Don’t forget to add in some mood lighting that is stylish but also bright enough to see by for games or even an evening spent reading. Don’t forget some artwork, especially in the colder months when plants may not be adding to the overall look. Vintage metal advertisements, as well as metal wall sculptures, and tall lanterns all help make the patio area look more finished and comfortable.

Make sure you do the proper maintenance each year, and your outdoor fireplace will serve you well. It will likely increase the value of your home for when you eventually want to sell, because it does provide such a great way to expand the living and entertaining space in homes in Edmond OK. If you’re interested in seeing how they can fit into a home, feel free to contact us today to learn more about our floor plans and our outdoor fireplace upgrades.

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