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June 21, 2022

Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

According to a survey from Trulia, a real estate site that lets you explore properties around the country, they discovered that 41% of people would prefer to live in a newly-built house. While plenty of people still love the idea of an older home, today’s home buyers are thinking carefully about the reality of buying homes these days and are increasingly turning to new construction homes in Edmond OK and throughout the country, because of the numerous benefits.

While new construction homes may be more expensive up front, long term, they’re going to be more cost efficient. When you choose a quality builder like Shawn Forth Homes you know you’re getting the latest in construction know-how and quality materials. This means your home is built to more recent guidelines and incorporate design techniques and materials that make your home more energy efficient. From windows to insulation, your new home is built to avoid leaks and drafts so that you’re not losing money on excess energy usage. Plus, new homes often come with the latest in energy efficient appliances and fittings to further reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills.

Also, being new, these homes aren’t already suffering from wear and tear, so you’re not looking at numerous random repairs on a regular basis. You could purchase insurance on an older home to help with repairs, but that’s still more money you’ll still have to pay every year, whereas many new homes are under warranty and have additional warranties on certain items like HVAC systems, etc. With a new home, you can start saving money both in lower energy costs and not having to make expensive repairs. You can save that money, giving you a nest egg for when you will eventually need to make some repairs years from now.

Another perk of buying new construction is the ease of incorporating the latest in technology. More people are adding a variety of smarthome technology and it’s much easier to add it to a new home as it goes up than trying to add it to an existing home, where it may be unsightly or require more invasive measures that will cost more money. Plus, your new appliances may be more compatible with the latest in smarthome technology.

Ultimately, with a new home, you get to have a say in the layout and design elements, giving you a chance to live in a home where you’re comfortable from day one. There’s no redecorating, you can make sure there are enough bathrooms and storage, and you can have a layout that works best for your family and your lifestyle.

Choosing a new construction home offers a variety of benefits and these are just some of the big reasons people choose to purchase one of the brand new homes in Edmond OK. Don’t forget that you can often get special financing deals on new construction, and ultimately, newer homes often have a higher resale value because people know there are still fewer things to repair than if they chose a much older home. So if you’re considering purchasing a home, contact us today to learn more about the numerous benefits of new home construction and visit our model homes to see just how thoughtfully they are designed to meet contemporary needs and wants.

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