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December 1, 2018

Designing a Children’s Playroom

At Shawn Forth Homes, we believe that a beautiful, high-quality, and comfortable home can significantly improve your life. In our charming Oklahoma communities, we’re committed to creating living spaces that reflect your lifestyle, and give you and your family the chance to live how you’ve always wanted.

If you’re a family with young children, a completely unique children’s playroom can be the perfect addition to your home. Turn your children’s dreams into a four-walled reality! Check out our tips and ideas for creating a playroom that the kids love and cherish for years to come:


When it comes to a designated space for children, the first word that might pop into your head is “toys.” Of course, no playroom would be complete without storage for all of the puzzles, art supplies, and stuffed animals that will inhabit the room. Try a storage option that can be placed against the wall for maximum room! An ideal sectional has many cubbies or bins for keeping everything organized and in tip-top shape.


Think of the furniture in your children’s future playroom as “fun-sized!” Look for a low table and chair set so your kids can enjoy snacks and meals like they would at your dining table, along with completing crafts, puzzles, and books. In addition, a comfortable mini sofa or beanbag would be great for kids to read on, lounge, and nap.

Wall Art

There’s nothing like a wall that pops! Depending on colors and designs that you and your children love, there are many ways to make the walls memorable. From wallpaper (try a non-toxic kind) to wall decals to photos, there are unlimited ways to spruce up this room. If your kids are interested in geography, try a large map decal! If they love animals, try animal prints, a jungle scene, or photos of their favorite animals. Words and numbers are also a great way to encourage reading and writing.


Like the walls, a great rug will add life to the playroom. No matter the design you go with, whether it goes along with a theme or incorporates a certain color, make sure that the rug is soft and comfortable. Your children will certainly appreciate the coziness of a great rug. Not to mention, it will help with noise as well as keep the floor in pristine shape.

When it comes to your children, you know that there’s no greater feeling than seeing them happy. A well-designed playroom can bring joy to your children’s lives every single day! This special room is a place where they’ll have fun, develop skills, and fall in love with certain hobbies.

Just like any other room in your Shawn Forth Homes living space, customizing a playroom will bring you as much happiness as your kids will have while playing in it. Unleash your inner interior designer and have fun!

For more information on our homes and communities, please visit or webpage or call us at 405-295-5675. We look forward to partnering with you on this incredible journey!

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