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First National Bank & Trust Co.

Matt Brown is an Oklahoma City native and graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in International Business & Trade. Matt has worked in the mortgage industry throughout Oklahoma as well as in Chicago. In that time he has learned what it takes to make the loan process simple, smooth, and most importantly the right fit for each client. No two people are the same and with access to every major loan program coupled with the knowledge developed since he began in 2001, Matt can work to tailor a loan program that is right for you. Matt Brown and First National Bank provide all types of mortgage financing to assist you in either buying the home of your dreams or getting you on the right financial path. With aggressive rates and unparalleled customer service they have come to truly set themselves apart from the pack and look forward to working with you to find the right product that fits your needs and your goals. Loan types include conventional loans, jumbo products, FHA, VA, USDA, HUD 184 Native American loans, second mortgages and bridge loans.


Senior Vice President – Mortage Lending
NMLS# 908374
Equal Housing Opportunity

Oklahoma City
3030 NW Expressway, Suite 130
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
NMLS# 486434


1. How much can I borrow, and at what interest rate?

There are a few things you need to know:

  • What fees are associated with your monthly payments, such as PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)?
    Are you escrowing for your property taxes, and is the bank charging an escrow fee?
  • Are there other recurring/annual charges that you may be charged?

If you are doing an adjustable rate loan, you need to know:

  • Adjustment frequency
  • Maximum annual adjustment
  • Highest rate they can charge you (Rate cap)
  • The financial index they derive their rates from (LIBOR, NY Prime)
  • Margin over the index they will charge you

2. Can I pay down my interest rate? How much will that cost?

If you have bad or so-so credit, you can pay your way down to lower interest rates by paying a fee up front. These fees are usually a percentage of the loan amount, and they do not decrease the amount of principal you will owe. You are just paying the bank to lower their interest rate.

3. How much of a down payment do I need to have?

It depends on what kind of loan you take.

  • FHA loan minimum is about 3.5%
  • VA loan minimum is about 0%
  • Conventional loan is about 5-20%, depending on lender

Always ask if the lending institution has any in-house programs that work for you. And if there are any programs that could help you:

  • USDA qualification
  • First-time homebuyer incentives
  • Minority/low-income programs

4. What documents do I need to provide?

By furnishing any and/or all of the documentation, an applicant is in no way obligated to accept the terms and conditions of the mortgage offered, nor does the borrower have to provide these documents to receive a Loan Estimate.

  • Employment verification, W-2, pay stubs
  • Bank statements
  • Credit score history requirements
  • Other liabilities (car loans, student loans, judgments, etc.)
  • Other assets (IRA, investment property, etc.)

5. How much will my closing costs be?

This amount will be provided to you in what is known as a “Loan Estimate”.  Ask if your lending institution will guarantee its Loan Estimate, so you have no surprises at closing. Keep in mind that the lending institution is not required by law to guarantee its Loan Estimate; it is only required to provide you with one.

6. Can I lock in my rate?

Your lender may offer a few options for locking in your interest rate before your anticipated closing date. Shawn Forth will work with you and your lender to establish a closing date and a viable timeline for locking in your interest rate.NOTE: Talk to your prospective loan officer about his/her history at the lending institution. Make sure you ask:

  • How long have they been with this bank?
  • How many deals have they done so far this year? This month?
  • What is the average loan size they do?

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