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Building your dream home is incredibly exciting. That’s why Shawn Forth Homes gets you involved in the building process. We answer all of your questions, and let you see firsthand the details that make your Shawn Forth home so special!

1. Preliminary Concept Meeting | This meeting may take place at the Shawn Forth office or a model home. We discuss the building process, your initial thoughts, preliminary budget, and financing options.

2. Home Site & House Plan Selections | We’ll help you choose your neighborhood, and reserve your home site. Then we’ll discuss your home plan, and the available options for personalizing it.

3. Sign A Purchase Agreement & Put Down A Deposit | Once all of the selections have been made, it’s time to sign the Purchase Agreement, and place a deposit on your home.

4. Choose Plan & Finish Specifications | You meet with us to review the plan for any modifications. We’ll walk you through every aspect of your new home, room by room. This is when we make it distinctly yours.

5. Secure Financing | You must select a mortgage lender – either your own or our Preferred Lender. Then, you finalize the required documents. We handle all construction financing, and will distribute all necessary documentation to your lender.

6. Pre-Construction Meeting  | Once final selections are made and the permits are in, we hold a meeting where we introduce you to your Shawn Forth construction team members. We also review all selections and the finalized plan one more time.

7. Construction Begins | We start with the lot clearing, then proceed to pouring the foundation. Next is the framing stage, when the studs, headers and support beams are put in place. Windows and exterior doors are also installed.

8. Mechanicals Rough-In / Pre-Drywall Walk-Through | This stage involves installing plumbing, heating and air conditioning ductwork, and electrical wiring. At the end of the Mechanicals stage, we walk through the home with you so you can see what’s “behind the walls”.

9. Finishes & Fixtures | Now your home really starts to take shape. At this stage, we install insulation, and put up the walls and ceilings. Then, we begin installing cabinets, interior doors and trim, and flooring. Next we move on to lighting fixtures, appliances, plumbing fixtures, hardware and mirrors.

10. Home Orientation, Closing & Move In! | Time to get to know your new home! We walk through the mostly completed home with you, explaining how everything works, and how to keep everything running. Before we turn the home over to you, we perform a final home inspection, and complete the “to-do” list. On the day of closing, we meet to tour your new home. Then, after months of planning, we happily turn it over to you.

11. Post-Closing Follow-Up | Shawn Forth Homes is just as committed to your satisfaction once you take possession of your home as we are during construction, so we follow up with you several times after closing. At a minimum, we will contact you twice – at 30 days and again at 11 months – to review the operation of your new home, and ensure that everything is working satisfactorily.

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