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August 1, 2021

James Hardie Siding takes “Built to Last” to next level

As one of the most reputable and experienced home builders in Oklahoma City OK, we at Shawn Forth homes understand and value performance and durability when it comes to home building products. Our commitment to quality has been a priority since our inception and, with every build, we strive to use the very best available products and construction techniques to ensure our homes stand the test of time and our home buyers are satisfied.

One of our best, highest performing construction products is James Hardie Siding. The James Hardie company produces unique fiber cement products engineered to withstand the harshest elements nature can deliver. Backed by a 30 year warranty, the siding is as attractive as it is durable. In fact, James Hardie products now grace the sides of over 8 million homes across North America winning over both builders and designers alike with their beauty and durability.

To fully understand and appreciate this ground-breaking product, here’s 5 ways James Hardie siding delivers:

  • Moisture & rot resistance – While wood siding expands, buckles and cracks after repeated exposure to moisture, James Hardie products endure as they are specifically engineered to withstand the damage and rot caused by water.
  • Fire protection – Unlike wood and vinyl, James Hardie siding does not ignite or melt when exposed to a direct flame. It also prevents fire from penetrating the interior of a home. For this reason, it is recognized by fire departments nation-wide. Also because of this non-combustible feature of the Hardie fiber-cement siding, many insurers offer home owners a discount.
  • Pest deterrence – The Hardie products resist all of nature’s pests. Its composition and durability prevents damage from insects or birds which can wreak havoc on wood siding.
  • All weather performance – Harsh weather conditions can strike anywhere at any time. Whether resisting the violent force of a hurricane or blizzard, or the harsh UV rays of the summer. Hardie siding resists deterioration. Unlike vinyl which can crack in the cold or wood which expands and contracts depending on humidity and moisture, James Hardie products are engineered to reliably withstand all of these conditions and situations and they are formulated specifically for different regions.

After researching the long term effects different climates have on siding, the company has created the HardieZone ® system to ensure the right product is used in the right region. Some are specifically engineered to protect homes from blistering heat and humidity while others are tailored to meet the demands posed by wet, cold and freezing conditions.

  • Good looks – Let’s not forget this! James Hardie siding is five times thicker than its vinyl counterparts which allows for deeper grooves and a more authentic wood-grain effect. This lends itself particularly well to historic and traditionally-styled homes like the new ones we are building in our communities throughout the Oklahoma City area.

Impressively, too, the company does not rest on its laurels but continues to invest in product development. Having spent over $100 million on research and development already, the company’s technology and product advancements put James Hardie five generations ahead of other generic fiber cement products on the market. So when Shawn Forth Homes or any other builder chooses James Hardie siding, they know they are getting the most advanced, high performing, durable product out there.

Shawn Forth Homes can attest to the value of James Hardie Siding – we’ve constructed hundreds of homes throughout the greater Oklahoma City OK area using this siding. Our home buyers have been thrilled by how it looks and more importantly, how it has weathered the climate year ‘round. The homes still look brand new!

For more detailed information on how we build at Shawn Forth or on any of our plans or communities (The Grove, Creekside at Cross Timbers, The Preserve at Covell Valley and The Ridge at Cross Timbers), please contact Sales Manager, Kerstin, at 405-657-9908. She will guide you expertly through every step of the buying, designing and building process!

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