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October 6, 2018

The Advantages of New vs. Used

More than just a living space, your home is a reflection of your life, your style, and your choices. Buying a home that’s been lived in means having to compromise on many things that are important to you, from used systems and appliances to someone else’s design choices.

That’s why nothing quite compares to a home that’s been built just for you. A brand new Shawn Forth home in beautiful, family-friendly Oklahoma City offers unbeatable advantages, including:

State-of-the-art systems. In a new Shawn Forth home, plumbing, electric, heating, and cooling are all state-of-the-art and fully-warranted. In a used home, you may face old or antiquated systems — and who wants to deal with the headache that comes with repairs, code concerns, and maintenance issues? In one of our spacious and luxurious homes, all of your systems are bright, shiny, and new.

Style and design. Families today don’t live the same way families lived a decade ago. While a used home reflects the lifestyle of another family from another time, a brand new Shawn Forth home speaks to you and your family today. With everything from modern, innovative floor plans to new systems and custom finishes, we can design a new home that’s all-new, all-you.

New Warranty. Unlike existing homes, new Shawn Forth homes come with New Home Warranty, giving you invaluable peace of mind day in and day out. Although our high-quality homes are built with the greatest care, you’re completely covered if a defect occurs! Never waste a moment worrying.

Improved energy efficiency. Because used homes were not built to current codes, they’re missing many of the green and smart home features that you’re looking for today. We ensure that every Shawn Forth home includes sustainable, smart features that respect the environment, keep you and your family comfortable year-round, and decrease your utility bills.

The day-to-day details. From number of closets to quality of appliances, the details make the difference in how a home lives. In a used home, you’ll ask: Is there enough storage space? How old are the appliances? Are there enough bathrooms? In every Shawn Forth home, we incorporate the features that you want today, including open living spaces, spacious guest bathrooms, vaulted living room ceilings, large kitchens with coffee bars, and so much more.

The neighborhood. You’re not just choosing a home, but also the neighborhood surrounding it. Our family-friendly, modern Shawn Forth communities are complete with the amenities you love, and conveniently-located next to everything that you need, from recreation and entertainment, to top-notch schools, medical care, highways, and beyond. Most importantly, they’re places where families of all sizes are comfortable and welcomed.

As you compare used homes vs. new construction, be sure to consider how much a brand new home can enhance your life. Aside from saving you money in the long run, a new Shawn Forth home in the gorgeous Oklahoma City area will give you peace of mind and ensure that your living space has your name all over it.

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