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July 10, 2022

Tips for Choosing Home Selections and Finishes

One of the most exciting things about working with an Oklahoma City OK home builder like Shawn Forth Homes is getting to make decisions about the entire look and feel of your home. Starting with the floor plan itself, down to finishes ranging from paint color to cabinet styles, you get to choose what you know will make you feel comfortable immediately in your new home. Still, there are a lot of choices to make, so here are some tips to make choosing a little easier.

First off, know and stick to your budget. This isn’t as fun, but it is important. Fortunately, it can work in your favor. If you only have so much money to spend, the selection staff that you’ll work with can show you items that will fit within your budget, rather than showing you items beyond your reach. This actually speeds things up, because it’s easier to make a choice when you have fewer options.

Along the same lines, think about what you care most about and put more money and attention on those elements. Light switches, hinges, door knobs or even larger elements like light fixtures and doors aren’t always of much interest. You may want specific light fixtures in some rooms, but others may not be as important. Same with doors and any other element on your list. Tell our selections staff what you’re most interested in and what you’re less concerned about so that they can show you affordable and fewer items for categories that don’t really matter to you. Once again, this will help you save time and money. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole of choices just because they’re there. If you wouldn’t have cared before someone showed you a hinge, then it’s not worth the time and effort worrying about finding the right hinge now.

You should have a general idea of what you want your home to look like in terms of colors, flooring, lights, and the overall decorative style. Use Pinterest, magazines, Houzz, and other sources to help you find what interests you. Pinterest comes in particularly handy, because you can create a board for each room. Start pinning what catches your fancy and then start narrowing down your preferences to items that will work well together. This will also help us better understand your vision.

Finally, try to make all of your decisions within a few weeks, as your final home will feel more cohesive. The longer you take, the more you could be influenced by other designs and your home could end up feeling random. That doesn’t mean every room has to match, but especially with open plan areas, it’s best to maintain a general sense of cohesion.

Ultimately, this is your home, so decorate it how you want to decorate it, not necessarily based on what is trendy now. You can always take elements of current trends, but think about how you’ll be using your home and what will make it physically and emotionally most comfortable to you. After all, you’ll be living in it for years to come, most likely. Fortunately, with Shawn Forth Homes, an Oklahoma City OK home builder, you’ve got a great team to help you build your dream home.

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